Your gentle kisses and other feral blisses haunt my memory...

Just when she thought that life had settled, Lila's ex husband Bjorn claimed the custody of their daughter Rosie. Like that wasn't enough, she was being let go of her job from many years. She was about to lose Rosie and her settled world was falling apart.

Billionaire entrepreneur John Mc.Chalfont was a genius, but the bad boy was in a serious crisis after he lashed out at his board members. In a desperate need of an image makeover, he decided beautiful Lila was the one, when he ran into her and got to know her situation. John proposed a marriage of convenience and Lila agreed.

With Rosie's custody secured, Lila was free and in John she found the romance that had evaded her for years. She wanted to be his bride forever but unfortunately her ex-husband Bjorn caught up with them. Knowing hothead John, this would end her marriage. Can Lila prevent their perfect marriage from falling apart?