Her Greek Inheritance (A Billionaire Second Chance Romance)


A one-night stand can't make you a billionaire.
But in my case...

I try to be strong, but It’s him! 
I scream at him, but I really just want to throw myself at him. 
I tell him I want nothing to do with him, but I’m raising his son. 
He makes me forget all the reasons I should be careful… but I shouldn’t forget. 

I shouldn’t, because he left me without saying a word. 
I shouldn’t, because I know he’ll hurt me again. 

But the truth is his blue eyes make my panties melt off. 

And the billion dollars…That's just a bonus. 

Her Greek Inheritance is a steaming hot Billionaire Second Chance Romance, that has a super-sweet climax and a guaranteed HEA. If you’re a fan of Penelope Bloom, Melinda Minx and Kira Blakely, you don’t want to miss this one!