Her Greek Protector ( A Billionaire Second Chance Romance)


Trust seems so easy to talk about, but giving it is another thing entirely

I came to Greece to find a new path for my life. To be independent of any one person.
But he’s back from the dead, and my body seems to have a mind of its own. When he touches me, I can’t help myself ; he’s starred in too many of my late night fantasies.

Once was enough to set my body on fire and now I know I’ll never find another man like him. I’m ruined for all other men. 

With our fling comes a danger to my life, and he ruins everything by trying to protect me, control me. I can’t give in…not again. 

I can't trust him with my body and heart, but his enemies have put us both in a position where I don’t have a choice. I’m going to give him a second chance, a final chance to love and protect me. 

*** This is a full length novel with a happily ever after, no cliffhanger, no cheating, and plenty of steam. Bonus content included. ***