Fake Marriage with the CEO (A Billionaire Romance)

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She asks America’s toughest CEO for help.

Wolfe Hawkins drives a hard bargain. 
And he wants only one thing in return: Miranda's hand in a fake marriage.
Say no and she loses her dream. 
Say yes and she loses herself.


Miranda had never been closer to owning her own restaurant. With the perfect location spotted, she had just one week to find a financial guarantor. The only man who would help this immigrant stand on her own feet was Billionaire CEO Wolfe Hawkins, the shrewdest dealmaker American had ever seen.

Wolfe did not need to talk to make his presence felt. His stare made Miranda feel naked and squirm in the Philippe Starck office chair that she sat in. But she stared back with equal determination, not willing to let her guard down. 

Her desires for Wolfe were taking over her ambition, but she could let another relationship ruin her life, not when she was so close to her dream. A fake marriage, however, was not a relationship - it was just a business deal - and she would not let it get in the way of her destiny.