An unexpected journey towards love..

Marie Laurie let go of her family's billionaire life to follow her Broadway acting dream. But her rough attitude and a cut throat industry meant she couldn't stay in a job for too long. Too proud to wait tables, Marie was penniless and stuck.

Bad Boy baseball star Adam was on a tight leash with the courts. With his wife passing and a reckless attitude, he had to prove to be a fit parent or lose his daughter Lucy. He decided to hire a live-in nanny to play his wife for a half a million dollars. Marie knew that this offer was her’s to grab.

Before she realized, the 12 month marriage of convenience had become Marie's life, and with Adam she was happier than ever. Marie wanted a marriage but Adam didn't think so. A heartbroken Marie left, only to have Adam realize his mistake. Can Marie give Adam a second chance at their marriage?