Can she compromise her values for the sake of love…

Lane had her life planned to the dot. With a masters in art, and the perfect job at the Stromm gallery, she was all set to take over. However, her plans fell apart when Lady Stromm died, and in her will asked Lane to marry her reckless son or lose the gallery to charity. With college loans and sister to take care of, Lane needed the gallery, but how could she marry bad boy Matthew Stromm?

Matthew didn't care much about the legacy, but the gallery was worth a billion dollars. He could not let that slip away, so the bad boy proposed Lane a deal, and she agreed to the marriage of convenience.

There was more to Matt than Lane could have ever imagined, and in no time the two fell in love. Unfortunately, Matt’s final plans for the gallery broke her heart and she decided to leave him. Matt still wants Lane, but will she be his bride again?