Amber wanted nothing more than to become a Hollywood actor, but the actor was too free spirited for the movie business. She was handed a stiff one when her last show kicked her out. Amber was stuck, broke, and heartbroken, but she had no idea that soccer star Neil Robbins would need her soon.

Neil, once LA Galaxy’s prime striker was now at the end of his career. Afraid of people not recognizing him, the bad boy decided to film a reality show where the billionaire star would find his ideal wife. In need for a bad ass actor, he found Amber. 

Amber agreed to the marriage of convenience but before she could realize, her lonely heart had taken a liking for Neil. She wanted a permanent marriage but bad boy Neil cared more about the fame. It took Amber’s exit for him to realize his love, but perhaps it was too late. Will Amber give Neil a second chance?