Dawn - a San Diego lifeguard - had a bet she couldn't lose. It was to her asshole ex boyfriend Todd, that she would be happily married by next years surfer's competition. It was surfer's already and with no marriage prospects, Dawn worried how she'd face him. But her savior was on his way.

The next day she saved a drowning surfer. The surfer was Curtis Stone, San Diego's hard-partying bad boy, a surfer's competitor, and heir to California's richest billionaire. Dawn tried her luck and requested him to play her husband. Curtis agreed. 

The marriage of convenience was not so simple and the bride was soon in Curtis's bedroom. She was falling in love, but realized that for bad boy Curtis this was just some fun until Surfer's ended. She broke the contract, only for Curtis to realize his love for her.

Will Dawn go back and give Curtis a second chance?