**Can a beautiful dream last forever**

The best part of Alice's day was when her boss Crash walked in. Crash was the billionaire heir of Abrams international and New York's hottest playboy. He was handsome, arrogant and an outright bad boy. Everything, Alice found irresistible.

Crash had screwed up enough, and with all his credit cards blocked he was given an ultimatum by his dad. He had to settle down or there was no money for him. To cool down the situation, he asked Alice to be his temporary fiance for his father's memorial day party. Alice was shocked, but how could she say no to spending a luxurious weekend with New York's hottest bad boy. Up close and intimate with Crash, Alice was in a dream and in love.

But how long was this to last? The weekend was over and they headed their separate ways. Why then is Crash at Alice's apartment and this time with another proposal