One man stands between me and my first win as a merger consultant, and it's Daniel Warrington - Warrington Enterprise's CEO and NYC’s most famous bad boy playboys. He is as stubborn as he is sexy, and i was advised not to mess with him. But heck with him, i am not scared.

He thinks asking me out will change my mind. I don’t blame him. He knows he is seriously hot; his deep voice and strong body are irresistible and his eyes scan through my body every time he looks at me. His every move exudes power, confidence and status. But i wont just be woo'ed off. 

The billionaire has desires, desires that i can satiate, but the merger stands between us. Our romantic tension is layered with the cut throat corporate world, and in this world its the tougher man and not the gentler lover that wins! And i am playing to win!