The Penthouse Secrets: A NYC Billionaire Romance Trilogy Boxed Set


Billionaire's romance best in Penthouses!

The Penthouse Secrets is a NYC Billionaire Romance trilogy! This 3 books series features the hottest NYC billionaire’s, a never before experienced billionaire lifestyle, and some panty melting romance. 

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Book 1 : Conquered : 

I wanted her from the first moment I saw her. You wonder if I got her? Sure I did. I get everything I want. The only thing, she ruined everything!

Book 2 : High Rise Love :

I asked America’s toughest CEO for help. And now he wants only one thing in return: my hand in a fake marriage.

Book 3 : The Long Shot :

Every time he looks at me, I struggle for breath, my knees go soft, my heart races. Football players are my weakness...

Bonus : Daddy’s Rockstar Friends ( A Reverse Harem Romance)

My teenage fantasies want me. All four of them.

Buy this box set to experience a NYC Billionaire romance like never before. The Penthouse Secrets is a trilogy of 3 books each a steaming hot romance, that has a super-sweet climax and a guaranteed HEA! 

Single Daddy's Valentine: (A Small Town Fake Fiancee Romance)


A hot single daddy, a perky valentines matchmaker and a South Dakota Farm!

Running my defense company in DC, and raising my son Louie as a single daddy is my life. Should I marry again? Hell-No! One heart-break is enough.

But my dad just died and left me his South Dakota farm on one condition - I need to marry a girl from South Dakota. Did I mention Louie’s mom was also from here? I am out! It’s fine If my degenerate brother Matt gets the farm, but I am not repeating my mistake. 

Bieber once said, you can never say never, and there she was, Lana - the girl I saw grow up on our farm. A lot younger, but a little girl no more. The voluptuous, rugged goddess asks me out for her Valentines Day ball, and turns my life upside down.

A little bit of fun was all I had in mind, until our rendezvous turns into a deal. A fake marriage to get me the farm and have her family stay on. Fair deal right?

Well, now her life is in danger and I have to protect her, even if I must stay back for the rest of my life. I repeated my mistake, I mingled with a South Dakota girl, and now I have to pay the price! And it’s a hefty one.

Have you faced heartbreak, felt stuck, been unable to want to love again? I sure have and hence I have written this book. Grab a copy, and make a decision to love yourself! This book has a guaranteed HEA, hot & steamy scenes, and great bonus content!

Daddy's RockStar Friends: (A Reverse Harem Romance)


My teenage fantasies want me. All four of them.

If I could just kiss all of them: my fantasy Banshee, America’s top rock band and my daddy’s best friends. Ten years later and right out of business school, I have one week to clean the biggest PR mess a band has ever created. One week or I ruin my father’s firm. 

Leather jackets, bare chests, cigarette smoke, the dejavu alone has my throat dry and panties wet. I am a mess! I tremble as Cole, Tobias, Jersey and Rory, stare through me with their steely looks. If intent counts, I'd be naked and spread on the same table where I lay my damage control plan. 

And I just can’t say no, when they put me in their hot tub. Wet, steamy, desire oozing from my body, I manage to stand as the rockstars close in, moments from making me the luckiest fan girl alive. They pass me around, and I love each one. Love flows hard, like a waterfall. 

It’s so wrong, yet feels so right. They are my teenage fantasy and I am their missing link! 

My father would freak out;
can I make this arrangement work?

*** Daddy's Rockstar Friends is a full length novella with an HEA, no cliffhanger, no cheating, and plenty of steam. Bonus content included after the main story, including a full novel and a novel preview. Grab a copy now! ***

Back with the Stuntman (A Second Chance Romance)


Her 6 months to become an actor end soon.
He has a role that's perfect for her, 
but they have a past
and Hollywood doesn't do second chances... 

Bill — that son of a gun ! Never in my wildest dreams did I think his libido would drive him so far as to bring a prostitute in our home. I had had enough. So I broke our 16 year marriage and made a bet that in six months I’d show him what I was made of! 

My plan was Hollywood — to live the lost dream; go back to my passion; and light up the hills of L.A. once more.

And just when I’d lost all hope, the universe bumped me to into him. Jeff Douglas, the craziest stuntman, playboy and now hollywood producer from back in the day. The sparkling blue eyes, chiseled face, and sculpted body lit a fire in me like it was 1998. 

I wasn’t in Hollywood to play with fire, I was there to light my own, but just when I thought things couldn’t get more complicated (or steamy), Jeff offered me his show, and Bill showed up… 

***Back with the Stuntman is a single dad, second chance romance. It's a full length novella with an HEA, no cliffhanger, and plenty of steam. Bonus content included after the main story. Grab your copy now! ***

Scent Of Desire ( A Parisian Exotica)


Bad boys can't handle second chances!

My nose smells her, my eyes see her curves, my ears reverberate with her deep breaths. With women I have a rule, quit it before you hate it, but with her it ain’t working. I want her back in my bed. I need her.

So I make an offer. The reconstruction of my French mansion. A job she loves far more than she could ever hate me. A hundred thousand dollars to hire the best architect and sleep with her; It’s a win-win. 

Three months is what I have, but a week is all I need. I show her around the Billionaire’s Paris, pamper her, present her my heart, beg her to give me a second chance. But to absolutely no avail. 

She has a secret. A secret that should beckon me to run far away. But I don't. Not now, when she is in sniffing distance. It’s fire I am playing with, but is it worth the scent of her desire - one last time? 

The Long Shot (A Sports Romance)


I have never felt like this in my entire career. 
Every time he looks at me, I struggle for breath, my knees go soft, my heart races. 

Leon Alvaro is Barcelona's football boss, and he wants to f*ck me on the biggest project of my life. But just because I let go, and decided to do everything I had been dreaming about ever since I first saw him, he believes he’s had me like his other girls. 

If he thinks just because of his strong arms, his chiselled body, his salty scent of the ocean…If he thinks for one second that because I let him touch me, kiss me, run his tongue through my body, that I will let him beat me, then he’s insane. 

He maybe Spain’s football god, but he’s yet to see my American Insanity… 

Her Greek Inheritance (A Billionaire Second Chance Romance)


A one-night stand can't make you a billionaire.
But in my case...

I try to be strong, but It’s him! 
I scream at him, but I really just want to throw myself at him. 
I tell him I want nothing to do with him, but I’m raising his son. 
He makes me forget all the reasons I should be careful… but I shouldn’t forget. 

I shouldn’t, because he left me without saying a word. 
I shouldn’t, because I know he’ll hurt me again. 

But the truth is his blue eyes make my panties melt off. 

And the billion dollars…That's just a bonus. 

Her Greek Inheritance is a steaming hot Billionaire Second Chance Romance, that has a super-sweet climax and a guaranteed HEA. If you’re a fan of Penelope Bloom, Melinda Minx and Kira Blakely, you don’t want to miss this one!

The Billionaire's Fake Marriage (A Romance Collection Boxed Set)


Grab this Boxed-Set for a limited-time price of $0.99!

These short reads are perfect with a cup of coffee or a drink, for a much needed dose of romance at the end of your day. Wait no longer to spice up your evenings with these hot billionaires, who spare no effort to fulfill their naughty desires!

This is a collection of 10 steamy short stories, by romance author Amanda Horton. Available at $0.99 only for a limited time.

The following stories are included:


All books are guaranteed HEA and contain steamy scenes intended for adult audiences only!

Her Greek Protector ( A Billionaire Second Chance Romance)


Trust seems so easy to talk about, but giving it is another thing entirely

I came to Greece to find a new path for my life. To be independent of any one person.
But he’s back from the dead, and my body seems to have a mind of its own. When he touches me, I can’t help myself ; he’s starred in too many of my late night fantasies.

Once was enough to set my body on fire and now I know I’ll never find another man like him. I’m ruined for all other men. 

With our fling comes a danger to my life, and he ruins everything by trying to protect me, control me. I can’t give in…not again. 

I can't trust him with my body and heart, but his enemies have put us both in a position where I don’t have a choice. I’m going to give him a second chance, a final chance to love and protect me. 

*** This is a full length novel with a happily ever after, no cliffhanger, no cheating, and plenty of steam. Bonus content included. ***

Fake Marriage with the CEO (A Billionaire Romance)

2 (2).jpg

She asks America’s toughest CEO for help.

Wolfe Hawkins drives a hard bargain. 
And he wants only one thing in return: Miranda's hand in a fake marriage.
Say no and she loses her dream. 
Say yes and she loses herself.


Miranda had never been closer to owning her own restaurant. With the perfect location spotted, she had just one week to find a financial guarantor. The only man who would help this immigrant stand on her own feet was Billionaire CEO Wolfe Hawkins, the shrewdest dealmaker American had ever seen.

Wolfe did not need to talk to make his presence felt. His stare made Miranda feel naked and squirm in the Philippe Starck office chair that she sat in. But she stared back with equal determination, not willing to let her guard down. 

Her desires for Wolfe were taking over her ambition, but she could let another relationship ruin her life, not when she was so close to her dream. A fake marriage, however, was not a relationship - it was just a business deal - and she would not let it get in the way of her destiny.

Fake Marriage with a Single Mom (A Billionaire Romance)

Hunter Maxwell’s heart and pockets are lined in gold – but his soul is steeped in frustration. Even a billion dollars can’t buy him the love he craves. A wild, genius entrepreneur with a bad-boy reputation that threatens his ambition to transform the education system of the country. 
He needs a solution. He needs a wife. 

Noelle knows how hard life can be – her dead-beat ex landed himself in jail, leaving her a single mum, struggling to keep her delicatessen afloat with the immigration department hot on her heels. It seems her chance for love would be swept away under the worry of life one step ahead of deportation. Time is running out. 

She’d do anything to stay. Even marry.

An unlocked door. A chance meeting that ignites a whirlwind romance between them. 

From spices and warm baked bread to twisted bedsheets and hot, ravishing nights of desire, both of their lives are changed forever. A fiery passion carries them from the glittering heights of government society back to the unjust realities of life on the streets of New York.