Her Greek Inheritance: (A Billionaire Secret Baby Romance)


My brother left his billion dollar inheritance to her,
And I will get it back at any cost,
Even if i have to kidnap her back to Greece


Like living paycheck to paycheck and being a single mom was not enough, my estranged boyfriend and the father of my child, Alexi comes back in my life out of nowhere. As much as i want to run away from him, he has a job that i need desperately. 

Being an art restorer takes me to exotic locations and amongst some great looking men. Alexi is one such man, and our passionate night in Paris changed my life. His deep blue eyes still draw me in, but i must resist him or i’ll lose my entire world - my son. 

I need this job and I need the money. If going to Greece with him is what it takes then be it! Our relationship is strictly professional and i'll be back once the job is done - or so i thought, until i realized that a billion dollars were at stake.

Her Greek Inheritance is a standalone steaming hot 40K words Billionaire Romance Novella, that has a super-sweet climax and a guaranteed HEA. This novel is ideal for fans of Penelope Bloom, Melinda Minx and Kira Blakely. Don't miss it!

Fake Marriage with the CEO (A Billionaire Romance)

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She asks America’s toughest CEO for help.

Wolfe Hawkins drives a hard bargain. 
And he wants only one thing in return: Miranda's hand in a fake marriage.
Say no and she loses her dream. 
Say yes and she loses herself.


Miranda had never been closer to owning her own restaurant. With the perfect location spotted, she had just one week to find a financial guarantor. The only man who would help this immigrant stand on her own feet was Billionaire CEO Wolfe Hawkins, the shrewdest dealmaker American had ever seen.

Wolfe did not need to talk to make his presence felt. His stare made Miranda feel naked and squirm in the Philippe Starck office chair that she sat in. But she stared back with equal determination, not willing to let her guard down. 

Her desires for Wolfe were taking over her ambition, but she could let another relationship ruin her life, not when she was so close to her dream. A fake marriage, however, was not a relationship - it was just a business deal - and she would not let it get in the way of her destiny.


Amber wanted nothing more than to become a Hollywood actor, but the actor was too free spirited for the movie business. She was handed a stiff one when her last show kicked her out. Amber was stuck, broke, and heartbroken, but she had no idea that soccer star Neil Robbins would need her soon.

Neil, once LA Galaxy’s prime striker was now at the end of his career. Afraid of people not recognizing him, the bad boy decided to film a reality show where the billionaire star would find his ideal wife. In need for a bad ass actor, he found Amber. 

Amber agreed to the marriage of convenience but before she could realize, her lonely heart had taken a liking for Neil. She wanted a permanent marriage but bad boy Neil cared more about the fame. It took Amber’s exit for him to realize his love, but perhaps it was too late. Will Amber give Neil a second chance?

Fake Marriage with a Single Mom (A Billionaire Romance)

Hunter Maxwell’s heart and pockets are lined in gold – but his soul is steeped in frustration. Even a billion dollars can’t buy him the love he craves. A wild, genius entrepreneur with a bad-boy reputation that threatens his ambition to transform the education system of the country. 
He needs a solution. He needs a wife. 

Noelle knows how hard life can be – her dead-beat ex landed himself in jail, leaving her a single mum, struggling to keep her delicatessen afloat with the immigration department hot on her heels. It seems her chance for love would be swept away under the worry of life one step ahead of deportation. Time is running out. 

She’d do anything to stay. Even marry.

An unlocked door. A chance meeting that ignites a whirlwind romance between them. 

From spices and warm baked bread to twisted bedsheets and hot, ravishing nights of desire, both of their lives are changed forever. A fiery passion carries them from the glittering heights of government society back to the unjust realities of life on the streets of New York. 


Dawn - a San Diego lifeguard - had a bet she couldn't lose. It was to her asshole ex boyfriend Todd, that she would be happily married by next years surfer's competition. It was surfer's already and with no marriage prospects, Dawn worried how she'd face him. But her savior was on his way.

The next day she saved a drowning surfer. The surfer was Curtis Stone, San Diego's hard-partying bad boy, a surfer's competitor, and heir to California's richest billionaire. Dawn tried her luck and requested him to play her husband. Curtis agreed. 

The marriage of convenience was not so simple and the bride was soon in Curtis's bedroom. She was falling in love, but realized that for bad boy Curtis this was just some fun until Surfer's ended. She broke the contract, only for Curtis to realize his love for her.

Will Dawn go back and give Curtis a second chance?


One man stands between me and my first win as a merger consultant, and it's Daniel Warrington - Warrington Enterprise's CEO and NYC’s most famous bad boy playboys. He is as stubborn as he is sexy, and i was advised not to mess with him. But heck with him, i am not scared.

He thinks asking me out will change my mind. I don’t blame him. He knows he is seriously hot; his deep voice and strong body are irresistible and his eyes scan through my body every time he looks at me. His every move exudes power, confidence and status. But i wont just be woo'ed off. 

The billionaire has desires, desires that i can satiate, but the merger stands between us. Our romantic tension is layered with the cut throat corporate world, and in this world its the tougher man and not the gentler lover that wins! And i am playing to win!


**Can a beautiful dream last forever**

The best part of Alice's day was when her boss Crash walked in. Crash was the billionaire heir of Abrams international and New York's hottest playboy. He was handsome, arrogant and an outright bad boy. Everything, Alice found irresistible.

Crash had screwed up enough, and with all his credit cards blocked he was given an ultimatum by his dad. He had to settle down or there was no money for him. To cool down the situation, he asked Alice to be his temporary fiance for his father's memorial day party. Alice was shocked, but how could she say no to spending a luxurious weekend with New York's hottest bad boy. Up close and intimate with Crash, Alice was in a dream and in love.

But how long was this to last? The weekend was over and they headed their separate ways. Why then is Crash at Alice's apartment and this time with another proposal


Can she compromise her values for the sake of love…

Lane had her life planned to the dot. With a masters in art, and the perfect job at the Stromm gallery, she was all set to take over. However, her plans fell apart when Lady Stromm died, and in her will asked Lane to marry her reckless son or lose the gallery to charity. With college loans and sister to take care of, Lane needed the gallery, but how could she marry bad boy Matthew Stromm?

Matthew didn't care much about the legacy, but the gallery was worth a billion dollars. He could not let that slip away, so the bad boy proposed Lane a deal, and she agreed to the marriage of convenience.

There was more to Matt than Lane could have ever imagined, and in no time the two fell in love. Unfortunately, Matt’s final plans for the gallery broke her heart and she decided to leave him. Matt still wants Lane, but will she be his bride again?