Think you can date a Single Daddy ?!?!

As some of you know, Lana, the heroine of my upcoming book, is a matchmaker and a lot of women she talks to think single dads are hot! It’s funny because most of them don’t really know the single dads at all — they just spot them in the supermarket, or at a friend’s, with their kids and melt. Literally. Women melt when they see a hot guy looking after a kid. Because there’s a hot guy who is all kind and caring with his kid! Who wouldn’t melt? It’s irresistible!

The problem? Most of these women haven’t gotten a clue of what the life of a single dad is like. That cute moment when they catch him with his kid(s) is just one of a thousand moments a day.

To help these women out, we've compiled a list of what dating a single dad is really like. Dating single dads can be really, really amazing and Lana's own life is a testament to it, but it also involves…a lot of funny situations you could never have imagined before you met a single dad. And for some women a single dad is just what they are looking for, for others it’s a daydream that should stay a daydream as reality just wouldn’t live up to their expectations:


It’s All about the Kids


Kids need food, they need to bathe, they need to be dressed, they need to go to school, they need to do their homework, they need to be taken to see their friends, or to activities, they need to play (with you), they need bedtime stories…and the list goes on.

Kids need care. Oodles of it. That’s what makes single dads so special: they know how to care. They know how to run a household (more or less). They know how to ensure another person gets what they need. That probably means the guy will intuitively know when you really need a glass of wine and a hug after a long day. It also means you might not have that glass of wine poured for you on days when you don’t really need it, because there is no time.

Bottom line: if you want someone who knows how to care and look after real needs, dads are great. If you want someone who has lots of time to look after your every whim, forget about it.


There’s Little Me Time


You know when you feel like binge watching Netflix all night after a long week at work? You can do that. And wake up at 11am the next morning, having a had a good sleep and feeling relaxed.

When there is a kid involved, you have to wait till they’ve gone to bed to watch Netflix (because before that it’s Disney) and even though you stay up all night binge watching, there’s still someone jumping in your bed at 7am wanting breakfast (and more Disney).

The good news? Dads are generally selfless because of this, which, in a relationship, can be great. It can also mean that on a Friday night when you have a babysitter your man wants to hug the remote and fall asleep in front of the TV instead of going out for a fancy dinner…because he’s tired.

Bottom line: you’ll have to plan special indulgences for days and nights when you have a babysitter. That means, most days and nights the kid(s’) needs come before yours, but when you do get time to yourself and your man, it feels divine and you treasure it so much more.


There’s a Lot of Poop


I don’t know what it is about kids, but they love to talk about pooping. It’s the most fascinating topic EVER. And when they need to go do a number two, they need to go do a number two. Whether they are at the movies, or upside down in a rollercoaster.

Bottom line: kids tell it as it is. Weird pooping habits included. If you can’t handle potty training and poop jokes, you may find single dads hard to deal with.


You’ll be hanging out at Kid Friendly places!



As carefree singles we live life as we choose. In our spare time we go to the gym, attend festivals, visit markets, or attend cool events like wine tastings and beer fests. With a kid in tow, you prioritize the kind of events and places where there’s a playground. Anything that will keep the kids occupied for as long as possible and happy.

The romance in the weekend starts after 8pm when the kids are asleep, or the exact moment the babysitter shows up. On the upside, you really make an effort to create romantic and fun adult time because you desperately need it.

Bottom line: be prepared to feel like the best thing since sliced bread is a place that offers kid friendly activities that truly keep the kids busy. Also, know that when you have romantic dates, you will feel soooo special. 


But....It’s Cozy. Really Cozy!

Screen Shot 2018-02-20 at 11.21.13 PM.png

There’s one thing about dating a single dad that you don’t get with anyone else: the coziness of being part of a family. A little person will come jump in your bed to wake you up with kisses. You will bake pancakes on Saturday mornings. And you’ll all cuddle up on the couch to watch Disney movies.

Of course, it might take a while until you truly feel part of all that, but if you plan on having a family of your own with this man, you will become part of it. Little by little.

Bottom line: it might not be the kind of romance you’re used to, but there is something incredibly romantic about being part of a family.

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